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AMMC Wins Quality Awards from AFMC

Shay Nanke May 17, 2011

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center has earned two Innovator Awards in the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care’s annual Quality Awards program.

The Quality Awards are designed to recognize improvement in individual healthcare organization’s performance in AFMC’s quality improvement projects. The Innovator Award honors hospitals that developed new, creative patient safety projects that successfully improved patient care.

AMMC received the Innovator Award for its partnership with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Arkansas SAVES (Stroke Assistance through Virtual Emergency Support) Program in helping to save the lives of stroke victims. Through the use of high-speed live video conferencing, top neurologists across the state provide time-crucial communications with AMMC’s emergency department physicians and staff. This allows stroke victims to be identified and treatment started immediately without the delays of transfer, thus significantly improving patient outcomes. AMMC is one of only 19 hospitals to receive the Innovator Award.

Home Health agencies were also eligible for Innovator Awards, honoring those that engaged community resources to improve patient safety, continuity of care and care coordination. The AMMC Home Health Agency recognized that the admission process was becoming more complicated and burdensome for patients and nurses, especially on the first visit. Through LEAN training grant money that was available through the hospital and a joint collaboration with the Piggott Home Health Director, the agencies analyzed the process and cut out 21 unnecessary documents and 101 minutes of time per admission while ultimately creating a significant monetary savings each year. Decreasing the admission time ultimately increases the amount of information a patient is able to comprehend and therefore results in better patient outcomes. The AMMC Home Health Agency was one of five recognized with this honor.

The awards were presented at a dinner May 10 as part of AFMC’s annual Quality Conference in Little Rock.