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Critical Care

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center's Critical Care Unit (CCU) is a 10-bed unit which provides intensive care and monitoring services to critically ill patients. The CCU is a combined intensive medical, surgical, and cardiac care unit. The CCU practices a primary nursing care delivery model, with Critical Care Nurses responsible for the overall provision of nursing care.

Patients are admitted to the Critical Care Unit when the doctor believes close observation and technically skilled support are necessary. This requires a unique blend of sophisticated equipment, specially trained nurses and other healthcare professionals. 


What to Expect:


The CCU is patient-centered and as such, families, are always welcome at their loved one's bedside.  In 2015, AMMC’s CCU eliminated visiting hours so the CCU is open to families 24/7. This enables families to stay in the patient’s room at all times.


Patients, to the extent they are able, and their families participate in all discussions and decisions about their care. Because of the variety of conditions and illnesses in the CCU, length of stay varies from hours to weeks.


In general, please remember that:


• Three visitors (family or significant others) may visit between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and one visitor after 10 p.m.


• Children may visit if they are accompanied by an adult, free of illness, and approved by the nursing staff. Please limit visits to 30 minutes.


• Remember, patient care is our first priority and may at times prevent you from seeing your loved one as often as you wish.


• Maintaining a quiet environment to promote rest and healing is an important part of patient care. In order to provide a quiet atmosphere for our patients we ask visitors to avoid waiting in hallways and outside patient rooms. PLEASE PLACE CELL PHONES ON SILENT.


• Live flowers and plants are not permitted in the patient rooms of the CCU.


• Computers located in the room are for the medical staff to complete documentation.


• Visitors may not eat in patient rooms but may eat in our family lounge, Beacon’s Deli or the medical center’s cafeteria.


• Cell phone use is not permitted in the critical care area because it may interfere with specialized equipment and to help maintain a quiet environment.


• Clergy may visit anytime, but must check in with the nurse.


• Hand washing is very important.  Wash or use hand sanitizer upon entering and leaving room.  Be mindful of Isolation Signs and follow recommendations.


• Nurses report to each other at the patient bedside.  You may be asked to briefly step out of the patient's room while this important exchange of patient information occurs.


Numbers You Should Know:

CCU Direct Line- (870) 239-7140
CCU Family Lounge-(870) 239-7149