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The Joint Commission

Assessment & Triage

Step One:
Upon your arrival at the Emergency Room, you will be seen by a member of our staff who will assess your condition. This is called, "Triage".

Triage: Sorting patients according to a system designed to maximize the number of survivors; treating the most seriously ill or injured first.
During Triage your chief complaint, vital signs, and past medical history will be obtained (drug allergies, current medications, current health conditions, height, and accurate weight). Try to be specific and precise when providing information to our staff regarding your symptoms, when they first appeared, what caused them, and how long you have been having this problem. By using this information, patients are seen in the order of the severity of their medical condition. As a result, a patient experiencing chest pain or some other life-threatening condition may be moved to the treatment area rapidly for immediate medical intervention.

Once you have been triaged, you or a family member will be asked to go to the registration desk to give patient information. After registering, you may be asked to be seated in the waiting room until a treatment room is available. During this time, if your condition changes in any way, it is important that you notify the triage staff.

Registration is necessary for the purpose of creating a record of your visit. You will be asked for information about yourself, your family, your doctor, and your health insurance. You will be asked to sign consent for your care. Parental consent or the consent of a legal guardian is required for minors. Please provide your insurance card, your Photo ID, and physician orders (if applicable) at the time of registration so we may file your visit with your insurance carrier.

HIPAA laws regulate the amount of information that ca be provided regarding a patient. All patients are given the opportunity t be registered as a confidential. If a patient chooses to be registered as confidential, then we are not able to confirm or deny that a patient is being treated in our facility.