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Caring For Others In An Emergency

Growing up, we often take it for granted that mom and dad will be around forever, and that they will have all the answers. Later in life, many adults find themselves taking care of the parents that once took care of them. As you grew up, your parents kept careful track of your medications and doctors' appointments, and sadly as our parents age it sometimes becomes necessary for us to do the same for them.

If your parent develops a medical emergency, there are several key pieces of information that you will need to know and pass on to their doctor. Write down this information and keep it handy in the event such an emergency should ever arise.

  • The names of your parents' Physicians and Specialists
  • Your parent's birth date
  • The names and dosages of their current medications
  • Whether they take any blood-thinning medication, and, if so, the name of that medication
  • Known drug allergies
  • If your parent has had any medical problems or recent surgeries
  • If your parent has Advance Directives or a Living Will
  • Your parent's Health Insurance information
  • Your parent's Religious beliefs and preferences