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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI is a diagnostic test, ordered by your physician, that provides detailed pictures of specific areas inside of your body. It does this with the use of a strong magnetic field and radio frequencies. No x-radiation or gamma radiation is used in MRI.

Being that this is a very strong magnet, you will be asked if there is any metal inside of your body, which includes implants of any kind. You will also be asked your surgical history. Please bring the least amount of metal on your person as possible. A locker will be provided for your wallet, keys, jewelry etc. This is for your safety.

The test takes about 30-50 minutes. We will make you as comfortable as possible. The test is quite noisy so head phones or ear plugs will be provided.

Following the test, the images are sent to the Radiologist, a doctor who has been specially trained to read an MRI. Your physician will receive the report of this reading promptly. Your doctor will share those results with you within 1-3 days on average.