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Social Services

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center's Social Services Department extends a warm welcome to you. AMMC understands how a major illness can turn your life upside down. The professionals in the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center Social Services and Case Management Departments can connect you and your family with resources in the community to meet your needs beyond medical treatment.

We will provide you comfort, support and guidance when you need it most.

What is the Social Services Department?
It is the department of the Hospital which works with a variety of programs to help our patients and their families with the problems and decisions that often accompany or follow an illness. These problems can make hospitalization more difficult and might even interfere with your recovery. We work with you, your family, the Hospital staff, and other professionals to lessen these problems and concerns and help meet your emotional and social needs. There is no charge for our services.

How can Social Services help me?
We are available to all patients, and we provide a wide variety of services. Following are descriptions of some of the specific ones which might be helpful to you. We can:

  • Provide support in coping with the stress that can accompany medical diagnoses or treatment.
  • Plan referrals to community agencies you might need such as Home Health Agencies, Meals on Wheels, Transportation Services, and more.
  • Arrange for medical equipment prescribed by your doctor such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen, etc.
  • Make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in an unfamiliar environment by assisting with communications to physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals.
  • Assist with transfers to other health care facilities, if necessary.
  • Identify and coordinate alternative living arrangements if home is not an option at the time of discharge.
  • Provide information on nursing home and personal care home placements.
  • Provide supportive counseling and assist with problem-solving regarding other social problems that may impact your physical condition. (i.e. domestic violence, homelessness, substance / alcohol abuse, etc.)
  • Identify financial resources for aftercare needs.
  • Provide information on Powers of Attorney and Living Wills.

How can I initiate this service?
Social Services can be initiated through a referral from physicians, nurses, other staff members, families, patients, community agencies, or significant others. You can contact the Social Worker yourself by calling 870-239-7153.

Case Managers Provide Additional Support
Financial, insurance or other related worries should not slow down your recovery. Our case managers confer with your insurance company and work on:

  • Continued stay coordination
  • Discharge planning and coordination with physician
  • Medicaid/Medicare processing
  • Workman's compensation coordination
  • Medical equipment needs
  • Skilled/rehabilitation needs
  • Home health issues

To speak with one of our social workers or case managers, please call 870-239-7153.

Professional help is available for you and your family to help find practical solutions to concerns you are facing. We think it makes good sense to ask for help when you need it, and we are only a phone call away. For an appointment with the AMMC Social Work Department or Case Management Department, please call us at 870-239-7153, Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. In addition, hours are flexible through scheduling to best suit your needs.

Additional Resources
Social Services can also connect you to other area agencies and programs, such as Substance Abuse Programs and Financial Assistance Programs.

Click Here for a comprehensive list of these other available resources.