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Speech-Language Pathology

A Speech-Language Pathologist assesses, diagnoses and treats disorders resulting from TIA (transient ischemic attack/mini stroke)/CVA (cerebrovascular accident/full stroke), TBI (traumatic brain injury), chronic/progressive disease, genetic disorders and developmental disabilities.

Things that are commonly treated by a Speech-Language Pathologist are:
-Dysphagia (feeding and swallowing disorders)
-Speech Sound Production Disorders (articulation, dysarthria, apraxia, ataxia)
-Language Disorders (receptive/expressive aphasia)
-Cognitive Disorders (memory, problem solving, executive functioning, orientation)
-Voice Disorders (dysphonia, vocal fold lesions, vocal fold paralysis)
-Head and Neck Cancer (pre-treatment evaluation/therapy, post-treatment rehabilitation)

Ask your physician about a referral for speech-language pathology services.