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The Joint Commission

Infection Control

Maintaining a safe hospital environment is very important. Universal or Standard Precautions are words which describe work practices used by your Healthcare Team to prevent the spread of infection. Infection control procedures must be followed while providing care to patients during their hospital stay. These help reduce the risk of exposure to infectious disease.

Since it is not always possible to tell who is infected, healthcare workers will wear gloves and other protective apparel (gowns, masks, goggles). This is a common practice in all healthcare institutions.

Isolation procedures provide protection for you and your healthcare worker where there are known or suspected cases of infection. These extra measures may include a private room with a sign on the door to alert staff and visitors that certain procedures need to be followed prior to entering the room. The type of isolation and what precautions may be necessary are dependent on each individual patient situation. If isolation precautions are necessary, your physician and nurses will explain the procedures to you and your family.

Hand washing is the most important measure to take in preventing the spread of germs that can cause infections. Physicians and other healthcare workers must wash their hands before providing care to any patient. Visitors should wash their hands before and after visiting a patient. Patients will be advised on proper hand washing and are encouraged to practice this during their hospital stay.