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The Joint Commission

Service Excellence Advisors and Council

Fire Starters, formally known as Service Excellence Advisors (SEAs), are front-line employees who step forward to lead their areas in customer service. They lead bi-monthly departmental DOIT (Daily Ongoing Implementation Tactics) meetings to assure continued improvement in services and processes. They also attend monthly meetings with administration to get up-to-date, accurate information to pass along to their team.

The Service Excellence Council (SEC) is a group of front-line, middle management and senior leaders who meet to review Service Excellence activities and ongoing Service Excellence Programs. They oversee all OASIS Teams and provide momentum for the program.
Their mission statement is to provide focused leadership to create and maintain a culture of world class patient, customer, employee and physician satisfaction.

The Service Excellence Council includes:
Brad Bloemer

Barry Davis

Leigh Ann Jones
Jason Masingal
Robin Patten

Dr. David Quinn
Kay Scott

Wade Taylor
Kevin Thielemier
Teresa Vangilder 

Lana Williams
Staci Williams

Shay Willis